Month: June 2020

The Bellaire | Northern Caravan Company

With events being placed on hold, the chance to do what we love at any level is far and few in between. When the opportunity presented itself for us to collaborate with Life in Bloom and donate to Black Lives Matter, we were all in! 

Last week, Life in Bloom sold fresh flowers, topiaries, and pre-made arrangements out of our newest caravan, The Bellaire! Completely transformed from what was a horse trailer, The Bellaire boasts an incredible design. We put thought in every single detail. From the gorgeous sparkling backsplash to the lighting fixtures, to the wood floors, and spacious shelving for whatever your needs may be. We even included taps, wine fridges, and beer tubs.

All proceeds were donated to Black Lives Matter. It was a heartwarming feeling doing what we loved while doing something incredibly positive for the community.

Are you a florist, baker, anyone who is looking for a fun and unique way to promote and sell your products? Our caravan is a quirky and eye-catching way to do so. Get in touch with us today!